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  • Merlin Bluetooth Car Mirror -Premium With Rear View Camera

    Merlin Bluetooth Car Mirror -Premium

    Merlin Bluetooth Car Mirror -Premium With Rear View Camera


    Turn you regular vehicle into a luxury car



    • Caller ID - Display both caller number and name
    • Bluetooth technology for ease connection
    • Wireless back camera included
    • Built-in speaker and headset for private conversation
    • Super bright LCD display with illuminated talk button





    Merlin's Bluetooth Car Mirror Premium works in any car, simple clip over existing car rear-view mirror. The new DVR system records your journey in High Definition, adding a unique safety feature to any car. It also helps you to get a green chit from cops when you are in the right. Aside from facilitating your claim it is great for recording memorable drives and off road adventures.




    Also features:
    • Caller ID - Displays both caller number and name
    • Bluetooth Technology to connect to any mobile phone without wires
    • Wireless Back Camera Included
    • Playback MP3 tracks from SD Card directly on your car radio
    • Easily Scroll through phonebook and last dialed phone number
    • Built-in loud speaker + Wireless headset for private conversation
    • Super bright LCD Display with Caller ID & Illuminated ‘TALK’ button
    • Required SD Card Class 6 and 10




    LCD : 4.3inch TFT Screen
    Wide angle : 120°
    Resolution :1080 x 720P - HD 720P
    Video format : AVI
    Lens : 4 G-sharp glass Lens
    Sensor : Built-in 3 Axis G-sensor
    Motion : Motion detection
    Loop recording : Time and Date stamp.
    Language : Optional
    Power : 12V
    Dimensions 298 x 80 x 18 mm
    Weight 400 g
    Learn More
    AED 775.00

  • Merlin Beat Master

    Merlin Beat Master

    Merlin Beat Master

    Become Your Own DJ


    Now the power is in your hands when it comes to your music with Merlin’s Beat Master!



      • 600W speakers with Bluetooth 4.0
      • In-app equalizer and light control
      • Microphone and guitar inputs
      • USB/SD card input slots
      • Cordless mobility and car charger
      • Remote control or smartphone control
      • Durable & sturdy shoulder strap



    Bigger is Better

    Merlin’s largest audio product yet, Beat Master packs 600 Watts of power into its speakers and 6000 mah Lithium Battery for charging any device via USB and for cordless mobility. And with the Shoulder Strap, mobility is easy.



    Play Guitar...

    Having guitar and microphone inputs, use Beat Master as an amplifier for your guitar and have your own private jam session. Or when at an event, become the star and perform in front of a live audience and with microphone plug in, have someone sing along.



    Sing Along...

    Beat Master comes with a microphone input and 2 microphones. Karaoke singing at any party is now amplified with vocal controls and powerful speakers. Along with smartphone/tablet stand, you and your friends can view screen for sing a longs all night long.



    App Makes Sense

    Down load the free “ Beat Master “ App to take FULL control. Equalizer and Lighting Control are just a push away using your Smartphone. Adjust the sound to your surroundings and choice up to 6 base colors at different style settings to match your music.

    Power: 600W
    Display: LED
    Bluetooth: 4.0
    Battery: 6600mAh
    Play time: 4 hours
    Frequency response: 105Hz-20KHz
    Power Supply: AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
    Dimensions No
    Weight 15.5kg
    Learn More
    AED 695.00

  • Merlin Magic Wave Speaker

    Merlin Magic Wave Speaker

     Merlin Magic Wave Speaker

    Surf Your Music on the Magic Wave

    Unleash your music with the Magic Wave. Designed for wirelessly streaming flawless music from your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled devices, Magic Wave lets you listen to sound the way it is meant to be heard. Backed by a powerful 25W subwoofer, this wireless speaker delivers immersive hi-fi sound, deeper bass, and some serious room-filling power.



    • Compact design; big wireless performance
    • Detachable portable speaker; big sound for big rooms
    • Built-in rechargeable battery for endless music playback
    • Wireless Qi charging; handsfree call answering (built-in mic)
    • Easy to set up; NFC-enabled


    Unmatched Wireless Streaming 
    Employing Bluetooth 4.0 specification, which supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Magic Wave delivers unrivalled wireless performance with zero dropouts to fill your home with music from all over the world. The CSR Bluetooth 4.0 chipset dramatically increases efficiency and produces more quality sound while using less energy.

    Powerful Subwoofer 
    The soul-shaking bass of Magic Wave’s powerful subwoofer provides you with the ultimate all-in-one listening experience with the deepest, richest hi-fi sound. The subwoofer has enough power to fill your room with big, balanced sound and full-bodied bass tone. Immerse yourself in the rumble of an explosion, a crash of thunder, or the boom of a drum at the comfort of your home.

    Transforms into a portable speaker 
    The wireless speaker can be used with the subwoofer for a true cinema experience or detach it from the magnetic charging pad on the subwoofer to take it along with you as a portable speaker. The speaker’s powerful battery lets you enjoy endless hours of music in deep, crystal clear hi-fi sound. Moreover, a built-in mic and simple soft-touch controls let you answer calls through the speaker itself.

    Easy to set up 
    Just connect the subwoofer to a power source and tap your NFC-enabled smartphone on the wireless speaker, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can connect media devices that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity using the Aux-In port on the wireless speaker. The speaker’s inbuilt battery can be charged by placing the speaker on the wireless charging pad on the subwoofer.

    Output Power : 35W Bluetooth Subwoofer
    Speaker : 10W Stereo Speaker
    Subwoofer : 25W
    Frequency Range : 20Hz - 20KHz
    Power Supply : DC adapter for Woofer, wireless charge or
    USB cable for Speaker
    Audio Source : iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Notebook, MP3, MP4, etc
    Functions : Bluetooth, Microphone, Line in, wireless Charging
    Dimensions : Speaker: 200mm X 64mm X 60.7mm
    Woofer: 300mm X 144mm X 166mm 
    Connectivity Range : Upto 10 Meters
    Dimensions Speaker: 200 × 64 × 60.7
    Sub-woofer: 300 × 144 × 166

    Learn More
    AED 495.00

  • Merlin Levitating Orbital Speaker

    Merlin Levitating Orbital Speaker

    Merlin Levitating Orbital Speaker



    • Gravity-defying wireless speaker with 360-degree stereo sound
    • Updated Bluetooth 4.1 (supports EDR) for low-energy consumption
    • Portable with battery backup of 10 hours; works without the base
    • Charge the speaker or smartphones/tablets using the USB charging port




    Revolutionary Floating Speaker

    The cool Levitating Orbital Speaker is no illusion, but pure science! The only thing between the speaker and the base is air. The speaker and the base contain powerful opposing magnets, which repel the speaker and floats it about 10mm above the base, creating the amazing levitating effect.



    Simple, easy-to-use controls

    The Levitating Orbital Speaker is easy to control. To balance the speaker, you need to hold it about a centimeter above the base until you feel it getting caught in the magnetic field. Pairing the speaker to your phone is even simpler. Just tap your NFC-enabled phone on the speaker and you're good to go. The speaker can also be paired to any Bluetooth-enabled phone the normal way and controlled from up to 33 feet away.



    True 360° High-Fidelity Sound

    The Levitating Orbital Speaker's unique design reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating the speaker above the base. With the powerful 5W RMS speaker, everyone can enjoy the same high-quality, distortion-free stereo sound anywhere in the room.


    Automatically adjusts for minor bumps

    The magnetic base creates opposing magnetic fields that help levitate the speaker in midair. A set of computerized electromagnetic coils in the base continuously adjust the magnetic field to compensate for bumps and disturbances in the air.



    Carry your music with you

    The Levitating Orbital Speaker can also be used without the base. The speaker has a magnetic base, and can be attached to all kinds of metal surfaces. With a battery backup of 10 hours and employing the updated Bluetooth 4.1 specification, you can rest assured that the speaker will play your favorite tunes all day long.

    Bluetooth Version: 4.1+EDR
    Wireless Range: 10 meters (33 Feet)
    Speaker: 5W RMS
    Speaker Battery: Built-in rechargeable
    Frequency Range: 40~20 kHz
    Distortion: THD <0.5%
    SNR: S/N ≥ 85db
    Speaker Charging Input: 5V/1A
    Base Power Input: 12V/1.5A
    Base USB Output : 5V/1A
    Dimensions Speaker: 85mm (diameter)
    Base: 150mm (diameter), 25mm (height)
    Weight 925g (Speaker: 280g; Base: 645g)
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    AED 495.00

  • Merlin Beat Master Lite

    Merlin Beat Master Lite

    Merlin Beat Master Lite 

    Let the Music Play...


    Music lovers rejoice as Merlin introduces Beat Master Lite—the most powerful compact Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere. Small in size yet with powerful bass as well as clear mids and highs, Beat Master Lite lets you create your own party anywhere with Karaoke inputs and multiple options such as USB, TF Card, and Line In for playing yourfavoritesongs.



    • 1800 maH Rechargeable Battery
    • USB/ SD Card Input Slots
    • Microphones with 2 Mic Inputs
    • Power & Audio Cables
    • Built-in FM Radio
    • 6 inch Subwoofer
    • 3 Watt Speakers (2 Nos)
    • Bass & Volume Controls




    Don’t let the Size Fool You..

    Measuring roughly 35cm long, Beat Master Lite packs some serious sound from its 15W Subwoofer and two, yup that’s two, 3W Speakers. Being able to transport anywhere, you’ll never have to worry about BM Lite taking up too much space. Now when invited to an event, you’ll be asked to bring the entertainment.



    Radio Wave

    Something you don’t find in every speaker is a built-in radio. Using the Audio Cable, you can tune into any local FM Radio station, whether it’s country or rock music, you can easily jam out when out and about. 
    If reception is out, download your music to a SD Card or USB and just plug them in the slots for continuous music play. You can get about 1.5 hours of play time wirelessly with the 1800 maH Lithium Battery packed inside device.


    Sing a Song

    Beat Master Lite comes with 2 Microphone input and 2 Microphones. Karaoke singing at any party is now amplified with mic controls, echo & volume. Using a karaoke app from your smartphone/tablet, you and your friends can view screens for sing a longs all night long.




    Even though you can go cordless, you still have to charge BM Lite. The USB Charging Cable is the way, no power outlet. So your PC, USB wall charger or a power bank will help in keeping Beat Master Lite up and running.

    Horn Output: 3W*2,4Ω
    Subwoofer Output: 15W,4Ω
    Bluetooth version: JL, V2.1
    Bluetooth range: ≥10meters
    Battery Capacity: 1800mAh (Rechargeable), 3.7v
    Frequency Response: 100-20Khz
    FM Frequency Range: 87.5-108mhz 
    Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥80dB
    Power Supply: 5V,1A
    Working interface: 3.5mm Aux-in, 6.5mm Microphone
    Horn Size: 3 inch
    Subwoofer Size: 6 inch
    Dimensions Ø225*310mm
    Learn More
    AED 395.00

  • Merlin Swarovski Selfie Stick Premium

    Merlin Swarovski Selfie Stick Premium

    Merlin Swarovski Selfie Stick Premium

    Photography with Elegance


    Merlin’s Selfie Stick Premium is now more elegant and redefined made with Crystals from Swarovski® Crystals. Merlin Digital, in partnership with Swarovski, the leading producers of cut crystal in the world, is proud to present the latest addition to its line of feature-rich selfie sticks, Selfie Stick Premium. With a fashionable hand strap that is created with Crystals from Swarovski®, take your selfies with class and style.



    • No battery or Wi-Fi to mess with
    • Works over Bluetooth 4.0 without any app
    • Great grip lets you keep the camera steady
    • Extends to over 75 centimeters in length
    • Adjustable phone holder; compatible with all types of smartphones
    • Add on bracket for GoPro cameras
    • Comes with sturdy tripod and secure lock clip
    • Made from Aluminum with ABS




    Be a Star! Take Premium Selfies!

    With all the features of Merlin’s original Selfie Stick Premium, made with Crystal from Swarovski® make Premium the must-have selfie stick. The sleek crystals added to the handle strap show a new class of elegance and style.



    Adding a Dash of Premium to your Selfies

    Taking selfies with your friends and family will become more of an event. Be the center of attraction with the premium crystal-studded handle strap.


    Swank your selfies!

    Not only will your perfect shake-free selfies look amazing but your selfie stick will look posh. Don’t just flaunt your selfies, now flaunt your premium Selfie Stick!



    Premium Quality Build

    Designed with premium quality material, we realize that if your selfie stick is going to everywhere your phones goes, it has to be strong and durable.



    Bluetooth Technology

    The included Shutter LINE Master remote lets you easily connect your Selfie Stick Premium to any iOS or Android device wirelessly over reliable Bluetooth technology. There are no apps to load or wires to fumble around with. The Shutter LINE Master remote is conveniently placed on the handle right under your thumb for quick and easy picture taking.



    Single-Piece Design

    Selfie Stick Premium uses a hassle-free single-piece design, which means there is absolutely no assembly required. Moreover, you never have to worry about anything falling apart or coming unscrewed like other selfie sticks.


    Selfie Stick Compatibility List
    All Android and Apple smartphones
    Compatible with GoPro camera housing
    Selfie Stick Specifications: Extended Length : 75.5 cm
    Folded Length : 33 cm
    Weight : 170 g
    Material : Aluminum with ABS
    *Shutter LINE Master (Made in Korea)
    Dimensions 75 ×33 × 12 سم
    Weight 170 g
    Learn More
    AED 350.00

  • Merlin Symphony

    Merlin Symphony

    Merlin Symphony

    Feel the Music! Feel the Flow!


    Elevate the way you listen to your music with the Symphony, a portable Bluetooth speaker with sensational sound and interactive LED light show. Enjoy endless hours of wireless music play and answer your calls right from the speaker. Bring your music to life with glowing, checkered visuals and transform wherever you are into a party. Create DIY light effects and more, all at your fingertip with the free Symphony app.

    LED Speaker Features


    • Elegant curve design to complement your lifestyle
    • Multi-color LED lightshow; create DIY light effects using free app
    • Soft-touch keys for effortless playback, volume, and lighting control
    • Bluetooth-enabled and inbuilt mic for connecting with smartphones and tablets
    • Built-in rechargeable battery for wireless playing
    • FM radio for endless music wherever you go
    • microSD card slot for carrying your music library with you




    Let the Music Flow!

    Bring your music to life with glowing, multi-colored light show and transform anyplace into a party. Sit back and watch your music express itself in colors. Choose between the multiple light effects or create your own effect using the free Symphony app. Listening to music will never be the same again.



    One Speaker to Rule Them All!

    Not only is Symphony an elegant Bluetooth speaker that can complement any room in your house, but it also has inbuilt FM radio, a microSD card slot and built-in decoder for playing most types of audio files from your music library, and an Aux-In port for connecting to audio players.


    Ingenious Portable Design

    Symphony features a high-capacity 3,600mAh battery that gives the speaker added portability, making it the perfect outdoor speaker or for listening to music on-the-go. The powerful battery can be recharged using any standard USB port and the included micro USB cable. With two 6W speakers, all your tunes will come to life with balanced bass, mid, and treble.



    Innovative Design for Easy Listening or Party Mode

    Place Symphony standing up with the speaker facing you to enjoy those easy listening tunes. Want to rock the evening with some bass? Place Symphony face-up on your table and watch the subwoofer throw out some room-filling bass. With an elegant curve design and sturdy front grill, watch Symphony transform any surrounding with beautiful, checkered light show. Symphony – Wireless Bluetooth LED Speaker with Light Show

    • Speaker: Two 6 Watts
    • Output: Φ52mm/4Ω
    • Frequency Response: 120Hz–18KHz
    • Battery Capacity: 3,600mAh
    • Battery Charging Voltage: 5 ±0.5V
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥75dB
    • Distortion: ≤0.5%
    • Dimensions: 316*84*93 mm
    • Weight: 958g
    Learn More
    AED 275.00

  • Merlin Thunder Beat

    Merlin Thunder Beat

    Merlin Thunder Beat

    Small in size. Big in sound


    The Merlin Thunder Beat is a compact speaker that is sure to convert your room into a full-on party. Now with even more options to play your music like Bluetooth and NFC the Thunder Beat is every music aficionados dream, without the wires.



      • Powerful sound output
      • Compact design
      • Bluetooth and NFC enabled
      • Play songs from your smartphone or tablet through speakers





    You would not think that the Merlin Thunder Beat is capable of the sound output, which is why when you first hear the compact device blasting your favorite music it makes you stop and wonder where the power is coming from. It remains to be heard that if for sure.



    Thunderous Sound

    The magnitude of the bass and the clarity of the audio is not the only thing that sets the Thunder Beat apart. It's the other features that allow the Thunder Beat to synchronize with your phone, thereby making your life much easier that is a godsend.



    NFC Capable

    The Thunder Beat is NFC enabled, meaning that all you need to do is keep your phone on top of the device after switching NFC on in your smartphone, thus allowing your music to be effortlessly played.



    Bluetooth Ready

    If NFC is not your go-to feature then the Thunder Beat also has bluetooth capability and pairing the device with your phone is the only step away from enjoying hours of music. Aside from this the Thunder Beat also has a mic that will allow you to take your phone calls while your music is being played. Best part is that the music will not stop when you get a phone call. It's good to know that your social life will not be a hindrance to the enjoyment of your friends!


    Bluetooth : 2.1+EDR
    Output Power : 15W (internal battery)
    18W (power adapter)
    Frequency Response : 40Hz - 20KHz
    Power Supply : Li-ion Battery or AC adapter (9V, 1.5A)
    Battery : 900mAh
    Play Time : 5 Hours (at 60% volume)
    Charging Time : 4 Hours
    Dimensions 74 × 74.5 × 85 
    Weight 510g
    Learn More
    AED 245.00

  • Merlin Nova Speaker

    Merlin Nova Speaker

    Merlin Nova Speaker

    Plasma Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker


    Set the mood and get the conversation started with this funky plasma lamp. Adding a modern twist to this classic novelty light, NOVA sports a powerful 5W speaker that connects to your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes as well as answer phone calls. With two modes of operation, the plasma ball can be turned off or set into sound-activated mode.



    • Watch Electricity Follow Your Fingertips
    • Plasma Lamp Dances to Your Music
    • Built-in Mic for Taking Calls
    • Connects Wirelessly via Bluetooth
    • Built-in Battery for Hours of Lossless Music
    • Perfect for Your Office Desk, Bedroom, or Kids’ Playroom




    Magic of Science!

    Need a conversation starter? Be it your home or office, NOVA is sure to get a lot of attraction. Run your fingers over its surface and watch how the electricity inside the plasma sphere follows your fingertips. The perfect tabletop novelty, this amazing plasma lamp comes with a Bluetooth speaker and built-in rechargeable battery.


    Dance, Dance!

    Not only does NOVA produce amazing electricity arcs inside the plasma sphere, which follow your fingertips when touched, but the plasma lamp actually dances to the music you play through the built-in speaker. Simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or any audio device and watch as the electricity arcs dance to the beat.



    Compact & Portable

    The mesmerizing plasma lamp and the high-fidelity speaker inside NOVA run on a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to carry NOVA with you wherever you go. Not only that, when connected to your phone, NOVA lets you answer and end calls simply with the touch of a button. To charge it, all you have to do is connect NOVA to a USB port, be it on a laptop, power bank, or a DC wall adapter.


    Multiple Connectivity Options

    NOVA can be easily connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to play music wirelessly. Not only that, insert a USB drive or a microSD card, and NOVA would play songs stored on them automatically. Moreover, use the Line-In port at the back to connect any audio device with a standard audio cable. Now if neither Bluetooth nor flash drives and audio cables are your thing, simply switch the mode to FM and enjoy your favorite radio station.



    A Piece of History on Your Table

    Invented by the well-known futurist, electrical engineer, physicist, and inventor Nikola Tesla and called as the inert gas discharge tube, the plasma lamp was a bulky design. With the advancement of modern technology, you can now have a piece of this amazing invention right on your table.

    Speaker Output:5WFrequency Response:100Hz–20KHzDrive Unit:1.5"FM:76–108MHzBluetooth:v2.1+EDRInput Source:microSD, USB, Line InSpeaker Output:5WSupports Popular Audio Formats

    Learn More
    AED 245.00

  • Merlin Wifi Tunes

    Merlin Wifi Tunes

    Merlin Wifi Tunes

    Cast your favorite music to any speaker


    Wi-Fi Tunes is a small yet powerful device that plugs into your speaker for streaming music through Wi-Fi. Once set up, simply use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Mac and Windows laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favorite tunes to any speaker in the house. With Wi-Fi Tunes, you can turn your current speakers into a wireless multi-room sound system using your home Wi-Fi.



    • Works with Android & iOS Devices
    • AirPlay & DLNA Compatible
    • Control Multiple Speakers Right from Your Phone
    • Create Personalized Playlists





    Easily Cast Music, Without the Hassle of Pairing

    Playing your favorite music throughout your house has never been any easier. Wi-Fi Tunes lets you stream your music of choice to any speaker in your house over your home Wi-Fi network. Simply Chose the device from the AudioCast app to stream music instantly to your speakers. Search, play, pause queue songs and change the volume right from your phone – anywhere in the house.



    Listen to Your Favorites, Anytime

    Listen to music stored on your phone or enjoy over 30 million songs from music services such as Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. With Wi-Fi Tunes, there's no limit to the music, radio stations, and podcasts that you can enjoy. What’s more is that casting won’t drain your battery or get in the way of other activities. Answer a call, surf the web, even leave the room—all without interrupting your tunes.



    In Any Room or Every Room at Once

    Play a different song in the living room, bedroom, even bathroom, or the same track in every room, or be your own DJ and create customized playlists for that weekend house party, all controlled from your smartphone. Listen to your favorite artists the way they were meant to be heard. Wi-Fi Tunes supports lossless high-resolution audio, which is even better than CD quality sound.


    • Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    • Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz (Max. 150Mbps) 1T1R
    • Wi-Fi Encryption: WPA, WPA2, WPA2 Mixed
    • Audio Sample Rate: 16bit, 48kHz
    • Audio SNR: 84dB
    • Dynamic Range: 98dB THD+N:-85dB
    • Audio Format: Lossless Audio: Full Format APE, FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless (ALAC); MP3: CBR/VBR, 32~320kbps; AAC: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, WMA 48kHz/16bit
    • Streaming Protocol: DLNA, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Qplay
    • Audio Out: 3.5" Analog
    • Power Supply: DC5V, 1,000mA with Micro USB
    • WPS Button: Short Press for Network Pairing; Press & Hold for Loading Default Settings
    • Dimensions: 5.5*5.5*1.7 cm
    Learn More
    AED 245.00

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